Wednesday, June 24, 2015

naturopathy in kerala

hi friends
i am in trisur in gandhiji naturopathy centre
priced at 4000 per week all inclusive its a good deal to detox
a lot of patients come for kidney issues and i am here for the same

the place is cosy simple
the chechis give u s saltless idly sambar and dosa:)
and are very caring
oil and water massages and herbal fresh juices

i have been also travelling across trishur and various temples
the south indian temples are so awesome
grand and serene !!!!

my next journey i dont know
currently in trissur
lovely people and place

Saturday, August 16, 2014

The journey is not yet complete:

I have been on a long break from writing.
Since 2012 have been detected with kidney condition.....It has been a long two years in trying to ground myself.....

Currently I am writing two pages on facebook:tarot analysis and chiron-flower essences.

Please do visit

Friday, February 12, 2010


Feb 26, Andrew Cohen will be visiting Rishikesh for talks at SIVANANDA ASHRAM.....Andrew has been very unconventional in his approach to spirituality.....
Evolving continously is his forte....and his teachings reflect that......In the ancient context of traditional teachings, he stands out like a rebel.....
I am here after three years back to his centre....COINCIDENCE?
Nisbat has brought me back to what i left incomplete Feb here I am.....exploring FREEDOM, CONSCIOUSNESS, in a new form to what I am used to.....
my own exploring, unconventional approach to my own life maybe has lured me here.
Next two weeks maybe the most transforming in my life.....

Thursday, February 11, 2010


In Rishikesh today.......a windy cold day up in Lakshma the mountains.....
a panaromic view, the Ganges flowing with swift over tone.....I was determined to take a dip and so I did , it being the holy day to do so ......I took 10 like rebirthing! and exhilarating....

The devotees throng in numbers to capture the essence of Kumbh mela...

Thursday, January 28, 2010


My nature quest continues....of all the places i reach PATHWAY INTERNATIONAL SCHOOL on my 40th birthday...a sprawling campus.....lovely landscape and hours drive from gurgaon it is so peaceful and rejuvenating.....I came here to meet my friends from Seattle Ravinder and Mayank....after 1.5 yrs they are back in India could not miss them....We took walks and talked and walked and much to share,,,
of course we also had our usual photo has been a quiet introspective day...the year to come ahead is full of ideas and plans....yet right now right here I experience a serenity.....with friends who believe in me ......again NISBAT is at work

Thursday, November 19, 2009

New haircut-courtesy my eight year old niece

Just the other day, Eshana my 8 yr old niece who is madly in love with Hannah Montana...suggested I have a haircut like that...Armed with a badge of Miley Cyrus, I dared to have one not quite the same but similar.....shes happy with the results....while taking this snap she wanted the fringe to be over the eye.....:)not quite so.........well i asked her advice and i got it! simple.....I am satisfied with the end result....At 8 she is already a teen......and at 39 I am also a teen...
so it matches......we argue, we sulk, we do homework together, we sing, we dance,
we fight over whos going to use the pc, and we babysit each other....oops I mean I babysit her.
She sees through my mock anger when she smile starts and she catches me...Bua she shouts...and giggles and I melt like chocolate on a hot day:)
Nisbat is infectious.......just cannot be away from it.

Sunday, November 15, 2009

Just an hour's drive from Panchkula, is a place called Morni Hills....THis picture is of the adventure park there....opposite TIKKAR lake.....lovely picturesque place and so near to the city....Another world out there!haryana Tourism has developed a camp site out there for picnics and it is well maintained....I was pretty impressed....
Boating, trekking, rock climbing can be arranged here for groups.
Eco friendly is the order of the day!

Friday, November 6, 2009

Pounta Sahib

Situated on the banks of river Yamuna, Pounta Sahib Gurudwara was an intrinsic experience for me last month. I stayed inside for 2 days.....langar....kirtan....yamuna.....what else could i have wanted....

Nearby is the Kirpal Shila gurudwara where the rock on which Gurujee meditated around 300 yrs ago still is worshipped......a serene place......delicious langar and jaljeera!

Thanks to a friend, I just happened to discover Pounta Sahib and got a peek into more of my root culture-Sikhism.......Guru Gobind Singh jee used to have a KAVI DARBAR in the olden days....still held every full moon night.....

Back in Chandigarh today I just close my eyes and am transported back to Pounta Sahib!