Wednesday, November 26, 2008

nisbat of light

Johnny Melville is a star seed beamed in from a constellation somewhere in Pleiades. There are many of such beings mixing with the human colony here: lightworkers, star-seeds, walk-ins and aliens......a lot of us are performing or visual artists, writers, etc ....... Aquarius with rising scorpio./Chinese zodiac is the FIRE PIG : (Active, outgoing and extroverted, Fire Pigs breathe new life into everything they do) In Mayan astrology Blue Planetary Storm - Yellow Southern Castle of Giving - Earth family - Gateway Clan- Sky : My name here on Gaia's internet portal is the ENERGY SCULPTOR and the LIGHTWARRIOR2012. I was integrated here with Scottish and English genetics under the name JOHN ( friend of God) ARTHUR and SWAN which all precede the name MELVILLE.......

Director and teacher, healer and a comedian, clown-performer and actor, mimic and mime, writer and lover: professional entertainer for the last 35 years with a share of fame and managed to survive it ( Buddhism and a serious accident in 1993 have kept his feet on the ground. Now making films both as actor and director/writer and as a healer treat energy fields in one-on-one sessions (

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