Thursday, November 20, 2008


Shanti Devi is a multiversal international breathing – guide and performer, having a practice in Amsterdam and India.She is specialized in group-intensives, also gives retreats in Greece, Tanzania and India and coaches young creative desicion-makers at the Fashion Institute Amsterdam and gives seminars with ArtinRhythm based in the Hague for KLM,Mercedes Benz, etc. She is known for her no-nonsense style and working with heart and thinks change can be delightful & easy too.
Rebirthing is a deep transformatory breathing process that frees limiting thoughts and releases restrictive blockages in the body and cellular memory, to increase your vitality and life-urge. Studies have shown we use only 20 /30 % of our breathing capacity. Imagine giving yourself much more , how energized you will feel. Rebirthing is a discovery-journey into your core
It can be seen as a preventive measure for stress –related problems or as a deeper desire to connect with yourself, grow, learn and maintain your natural sense of well-being. This breathwork is about self-empowerment in an experiential way . Learning to give and receive is also part of the work.
Group-rebirthings often lead to an unusual bonding between participants as it is quite a spectacular experience to share.
Body-intelligence games , mexican martial arts , wishwork and other suprises can be included to disrupt the automatic behaviour and work on teambuilding, goalsetting and being yourself which is: infinite potential. During these uncertain times especially,... we need to breathe ! It is safe to breathe for everyone , even asthmatics and hyperventilation patients , it will help them clear it.
Groups of 10-15 people can be accomodated over two day workshops.
Please mail to if inclined to arrange rebirthing sessions.

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Cookiemouse said...

We sure need to breathe. If we don't we tend to fall over!